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Floor Sanding



PD French Polishing have been sanding floors for a number of years now, we have found that this service has become very popular, although originally not part of a French Polishing remit. 

Fifteen years ago when first asked to sand flooring, clients remarked how basic the choices were when using a floor sanding company. This is where a French Polishing background can make all the difference, with our knowledge of timber, types of stains & colours plus the knowledge of how to use them, we can advise accordingly to ensure that the correct type of finish is applied for the kind of use the floor will get, that the stain is correct for use on a floor and will not fade quickly and use our colouring skills to hide any repairs, holes from radiator removal etc.

Machines & Dust

The various Floor Sanding equipment that we use are very efficient, the Bona Floor Sander machines are new, regularly serviced and have an incredibly good dust extraction. Care is always taken to ensure that dust cannot travel away from the area being sanded. When sanding hallways or open areas we will use plastic sheeting as an extra precaution to prevent dust from travelling around the property. Our Sander machines can be used to sand down both solid and engineered flooring.


There are many choices when it comes to floor coatings, what brand and type recommended would depend largely on the type of wear & tear that your floor will be subjected to, for instance in a lounge that will not see too much through traffic a natural wax oil product could be used which gives a rich full finish and allows the grain and natural colour of the wood to come through Wax Oil can be easily repaired of scratches/scuffs by re-applying with a cloth, It's one drawback is that it is not as durable as the modern water based products. Bona is one of the best water based products on the market, Bona Mega would be a good alternative to use instead of wax oil to give more durability. Bona Traffic would be used on hallways, kitchens  or anywhere that gets a lot of constant traffic.

Bona also produce products for commercial use in Restaurants, Public Houses, Shopping Centres and Sports Halls etc.

Bona Floor Sander with dust bag
Bona Edging Sander
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